Books with DES Source Code

As a few people have requested, here's my current bibliography of DES source code listings found in various widely published books or magazines. Note that I have explicitly excluded the dozens of books and publications that merely *describe* the DES algorithm -- even descriptions complete enough to use as a basis for implementation. They don't count because, as we all know, only Americans are smart enough to turn an algorithm description into C code (or so our government believes.)

Additions or corrections to this list are welcome. Again, I'm only interested in actual code listings. --Phil

The Standard Data Encryption Algorithm, Harry Katzan Jr, Petrocelli Books, 1977 ISBN 0-89433-016-0 (APL).

Computer Networks, Andrew S. Tanenbaum, Prentice Hall (both editions; second edition is ISBN 0-13-162959-X). (Pascal)

Numerical Recipes, William H. Press et al, Cambridge University Press. (Fortran and Pascal version is ISBN 0-521-30811-9. Also in Numerical Recipes in C).

UNIX System Security, Wood and Kachan, Hayden. ISBN 0-8104-6267-2.

Byte Magazine, April 1977 (6502 Assembler).

Cryptography: An Introduction to Computer Security, Seberry and Pieprzyk, Prentice Hall Australia. (C)

Mathematical Cryptology for Computer Scientists and Mathematicians, Wayne Patterson, Rowman and Littlefield, 1987. ISBN 0-8476-7438-X.

Introduction to the Analysis of the Data Encryption Standard (DES), Wayne G. Barker, ISBN 0-89412-169-3 (soft cover), 0-89412-170-7 (library bound), 1991, Aegean Park Press, Appendix G. (Basic, of all things).

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