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Hilarious to heart-breaking. Shocking to musical. Classic to world premiere. Year-round, Austin’s 75 theater companies produce something for everyone. Always fresh and different — and LIVE, right in front of your eyes. Call the Austin Theater Hotline at (512)320-7168 to hear what’s playing this week, and how you can get tickets. Or, join the Austin Circle of Theaters and get our monthly "Curtain Call" newsletter, chock-full of Central Texas performing arts news. Come explore Austin’s performing arts. Come out and play.

For a complementary copy of "Curtain Call," write, call, email or fax:
Austin Circle of Theaters
4402 Burnet Road
Austin, Texas 78756
Phone: 512.454.9700
Fax: 512.454.9988
[email protected]

Photo by Rita DeBelles of Sonja Parks in a Root Wy’mn Theatre Company production.

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