The Austin Symphony:
Concerts for Young People


This is the Austin Symphony’s "youngest" concert for its youngest patrons and allows parents to introduce their children at an early age to the wonders of a real live symphony performance. Performed in the historic Paramount Theatre, the 45 minute program includes Austin Symphony musicians, led by the symphony conductor, performing children’s favorites. These concerts are generally held on the Sunday before Halloween, which adds to Kinderconcert’s special appeal. Children are exposed to symphonic music and have fun wearing Halloween costumes while listening!

Young People’s Concert

Eight special youth concerts in the Performing Arts Center are provided by the entire Austin Symphony Orchestra, complete with conductor, to fourth, fifth, and sixth graders from AISD and surrounding schools each spring semester. And, within five schooldays, over 24,000 children experience a live symphony performance, many of them for the first time. Each concert is less than an hour long, and consists of music selected especially for younger ears. During the concert, a narrator explains various instruments and their parts in the pieces played, and gives the children brief anecdotes about the compositions. To further enhance the students’ appreciation of the concert, social studies, music, and art teachers preview the music with study packets that tell the children about the composers’ lives, give them an overall flavor of the environment and times during which the music was written, and give the children the opportunity to creatively express how they feel about what they’ve learned.

High School Concerts

The entire Austin Symphony Orchestra provides special concerts in selected high schools each Spring. The concert programs are especially designed for the high school students and feature classical favorites as well as contemporary selections. A highlight of the concert is a feature number with high school musicians in the spotlight. High school mariachis, dance groups, and jazz bands from the schools have been featured in the past.

These concerts provide a unique opportunity for the sophisticated high school students to enjoy a symphony orchestra, right in their "home" environment!

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