WHO: Marcia Ball
WHAT: Austin Symphony’s Summer Music Festival
WHEN: Saturday, August 17, 1996; 8:30 p.m.
WHERE: Symphony Square, 1101 Red River
CONTACT: Anne Lasseigne (512) 476-6064 or 346-9139 (evenings, weekends)

Marcia Ball to Perform at Austin Symphony’s Summer Music Festival

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Marcia Ball will perform Saturday, August 17, at Symphony Square’s Summer Music Festival. The concert begins at 8:30 p.m.; the box office opens at approximately 7:45 p.m. Snacks and beverages are available from the adjacent Cafe Serranos. Admission is $6 per person.

"There are "killer piano players" and then there are KILLER PIANO PLAYERS! And Marcia Ball fits into the latter category. Ain’t nobody ever seen her gonna forget her! ..She’s 6 feet tall, with long dark hair that flies up, down, around and sideways as she raps out raucous, joyful, 8-to-the-bar, stride piano tunes, legs crossed, sitting sidesaddle at the piano, foot kicking in time to the New Orleans-style rhythms she is virtually yanking out of the ’88s," wrote Ted Raymond of the Fort Walton Beach, Florida Daily News.

While singing the blues and playing the piano, Ball has also written her own music. Blues House, her newest release, has eight tunes from her own pen. It has been hailed as her best work yet.

The historic Symphony Square complex is located at 11th and Red River. Performances are held outdoors on the stage of the creekside amphitheatre. For more information call the Austin Symphony at 476-6064.

All programs, artists and dates are subject to change.

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