Fall 1997
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Film Scene Study – Beginning and Intermediate
Instructed by Gariel Folse
Gabriel Folse focuses on achieving a naturalistic acting style through honesty and vulnerability. The emphasis is on energy, personality and enjoyment. Limiting concepts are discarded. Technique is applied to a new foundation which allows for greater freedom and joy through the art of acting. scenes are from film and television scripts. Summer session: August 14 – Sept. 18. Fall session: October 2 – November 6. All classes are for 6 weeks and are on Thursday nights from 7-10 pm.
Acting for Film & Stage – Beginning and Advanced Beginning
Taught by Babs George
Creativity, inspiration, living fully in the moment, commitment to the other actor in the scene, effortless acting, moving to and "outward" rather than an "inward" focus – this is the basis of the work for this class. Both film and stage scripts are used, and work is both videotaped and rehearsed on stage at the State Theater. September 8 – October 13. Monday nights from 7-10 pm (6 weeks).
The Commercial
Lead by Babs George
What do directors want in the commercial audition? They want you! Learn how to get to the you they want to see. Commercials have become, generally, very natural – so good acting skills go a long way in the commercial audition. Learn strong cold reading techniques and understand the MOS audition (Mitt Out Sound, i.e. when there is no script and you will be seen and not heard). This is the bulk of local auditions. How do you prepare? There is a way! Classes are small and a video playback is used in each session. October 1-22. Wednesdays from 10:00-Noon (4 weeks).
Acting Shakespeare – The Comedies
Instructed by Ann Ciccolella
No, not OTHELLO, not HAMLET, not even MACBETH – because it’s time to laugh! A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM, MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING, AS YOU LIKE IT, & A WINTER’S TALE. This class will help you feel less intimidated by Shakespeare’s language. You will come away with a wealth of knowledge and a method for approaching acting Shakespeare and having fun.
Previous classes used John Barton’s Playing Shakespeare. It is recommended you purchase this book. Read one Shakespeare comedy prior to the beginning of class. Select one character and a monologue. Although it is recommended you have some acting experience, beginning to advanced students are welcomed. October 15-Nov. 19. Wednesday nights from 7-9:30 pm (6 weeks).
The Film Audition
Lead by Babs George
Move from the class scenario to the audition scenario putting all your skills to use. The class is set up to create a mock film audition environment. all sessions are taped and critiqued using film and television scripts. Cold reading technique, approach to the script, the psychology of the audition environent, how to dress, the callback and casting directors will be discussed and explored. All students should have previous training or experience. November 17-December 8. Monday nights from 7-10 pm (4 weeks).

*One Evening Workshops – For Teens and Adults*

The Bizness of Acting Workshop
Lead by Babs George & Gabreil Folse
This workshop is open to parents with their child, older teens and adults who are interested in how to get into the business of acting, and for those who want to improve their approach to the business. Limited to 12 students. September 16, Tuesday 6:30-10 pm – $35.00.

Private Studies – For all ages

Several Live Oak teachers offer private studies. These include training in the classics such as Shakespeare and the Greeks, stage monologues and audition techniques, film acting, cabaret and musical theater presentation skills, coorporate public speakin, and commercial and industrial spokesperson training. Session are individualized for the student’s needs. Simply call and request an instructor, or we’ll help you determine your needs and the best instructor for you private. Hours and cost is determined by the individual instructor.

Kids and Teens

Kids Create Ages 5-7
Taught by Janelle Buchanan
This class gives the young student an opportunity for self-expression based on direction and encouragement in creativity and imagination. Ms. Buchanan, who has an MFA is Children’s Theater uses creative dramatics, play making and story tilling to introduce the child to the world of acting. September 6-Oct. 11. Saturdays 10:00-11:00 pm (6 weeks).
Acting for Kids Ages 8-10
This class offers the young student an experience in self-expression, creativity and using the imagination with a series of fun games and improvisation techniques. Scene work and on-camera film techniques will be addressed. September 15-Nov. 3. 4:30-6:00 pm Mondays (8 weeks).
Acting for Young Teens Ages 11-13
This class has a strong focus and emphasis on improvisation. Concentration skills are developed with exercises and games that are voth fun and challenging. Film, stage and commercial techniques will be addressed. September 11-Oct.30. 4:30-6:00 pm Thursdays (8 weeks).
Teens – The Professional Ages 14-18
Lead by Babs George
This class is specifically for the teen actor who is serious about his/her training. Vocal and physical warm-ups, improvisation skills, film and stage techniques, cold reading, scene work and musical theater will be addressed. students will finish the class with a monologue for film or stage presentation and and skills in auditioning for film and commercials. September 17-Oct. 22. 4:30-6:30 Wednesdays (6 weeks).
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