The Theatre Discovery program began during our 1995-96 season with funding provided by the Dell foundation. With increased funding from the Dell Foundation this year, Theatre Discovery continues to provide the enriching experience of live theatre for students in Austin and surrounding areas. Last season 485 High School and Middle School students from seven school districts had the opportunity to attend two of our season productions.

The Theatre Discovery program will continue to bring this opportunity to area schools. Live Oak Theatre invites the students to evening performances in order to bring them in contact with the adult audience and allow them to have the total theatre experience, not just a school assembly with entertainment. We feel this is the best way to expose young audiences to live theatre, and by doing so we hope to inspire the next generation to explore their world through the arts.

As a part of this program, site visits by artists are offered. Actors and/or directors will visit the classroom before the performance, to assist with preparation for the viewing, and after the performance, to help with processing what they have seen.

This program is designed to accomodate local educators’ growing demand for quality cultural experiences for their students. Through our Theatre Discovery program and continued support from area businesses, we can help fill the funding gap for the arts exists with our already strained school budgets, while offering a unique way to enrich our students and the future of Austin.

If you are interested in involving your school in our Theatre Discovery program, or if your business or corporation would like to sponsor this project, please call Live Oak Theatre.

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