Austin and the Computer Industry

Austin is one of the fastest growing centers of computer development in the country. Companies such as IBM, Motorola, Tandem, Texas Instruments, Dell Computer, and AMD have been here for years, and companies such as Samsung Semiconductor have expanded to Austin.

More than 350 software companies make their home in Austin, according to The Greater Austin Software Industry Report, 1993 by the IC2 Institute of the University of Texas. The largest concentration of these companies is within the 78759 zip code (which is where Quadralay Corporation is located).

Austin is also home to Origin Systems. At better then 250 people, it is the largest game company in town.

Two major computer industry consortiums make their homes here in Austin: MCC (the Microelectronics and Computer Technology Consortium) and SEMATECH.

The University of Texas at Austin is a major site of high-tech research and provides an ample supply of new software developers and hardware engineers (who seem to want to stay in Austin) for the high tech companies. UT-Austin also supports the IC2 Institute, which in turn supports the Austin Technology Incubator and many other ventures.

Austin has companies that focus on all types of computers including Mac, IBM-PC, and UNIX.

All these factors make an attractive environment for computer start-ups and relocations. Austin, Texas has truly become the "Silicon Hills."

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