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C++ Zone DevX.com
Borland C++ Includes press releases, technical support and patches for recent versions
C++ Coding Standards Extensive Table of Contents of C++ subjects.
C/C++ Homework Help C++ programming homework help
C++ FAQ Official Frequently Asked Questions list for comp.lang.c++
C++ Language Resources Brought to you by Progsource.com
C++ Libraries Listing Official listing of C++ Library Archives
C++ Report The C++ Report Online
CGI Programming in C++ Until now, C++ programmers may have felt like the orphan children of the Internet revolution. Given the proliferation of programming languages-du-jour for writing CGI apps, it might seem that writing programs for the web was restricted to these new and untested languages.
CodeCraft CodeCraft is a weekly newsletter of tips and advice for anyone learning to program in C or C++ in a Unix or Linux environment.
DevCentral Tutorials: C/C++ Dev Central Interface Technologies
Geodisc Systems Stop memory bugs in your programs
Introduction to MFC Programming with Visual C++ Guide to understanding how to make MFC programs work under Visual C++.
Matrix C++ Matrix Class Library Sponsored by Mathtools.net
MFC FAQ Frequently Asked Questions list for comp.os.ms-windows.programmer.mfc (also posted to other ms-windows groups)
Newsgroup C++
Object-Oriented Programming Online books (in postscript) with abstracts
Programmer’s Heaven Online Resource for Programmers
rules.US.ps.Z The US C++ Rules and Recommendations
Text Control The TX Text Control is a versatile word processing component that handles MS Word, HTML and RTF documents. If you need a complete word processor for intranet applications, a desktop publisher with free text positioning and free text flow for a hypertext app, TX Text Control is the perfect choice. TX Text Control is very compact, fast, reliable and compatible with Microsofts Edit Control, but offers you in addition all the functions of a WYSIWYG word processor.
This is #C++ (updated!) C++ Resource Site
WFC – Win32 Foundation Classes Sam Blackburn – "Now I’m giving it away, I call it Win32 Foundation Classes."

C++ Career Resources

Agency Central Agency Central provides lists of recruitment agencies who are able to place candidates with C / C++ skills. You can then view more information and details on the selected companies before you contact them. Alternatively, you can go to our home-page and place your CV into our secure database for agencies to view.

C++ Jobs in Austin, Texas
Cornerstone Retail Solutions

Email Resume to [email protected]
Andy Harmon Recruiter

Learn C++

C++ in 21 Days Ziff Davis Publishing’s ZD Net University
Intro to C++ Programming 4 Credit Online Course
CS 330: Concepts of Programming Languages Overview of a programming class at BYU
Introduction to C Programming Set of tutorials to help you learn about the C programming language
Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming Using C++ The first fully virtual course in the Globewide Network Academy
Learn C++ Today Lists online tutorials

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