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> A recent Phrack magazine had what prup^H^Hop^H^H^Horp^H^H^H^H
>claimed to be the NSA handbook. It stressed repeatedly that you should
>not talk about where you work.

I’m happy to talk about where I work. I work for David Sternlight Inc. We are an economic and strategic planning consulting company and our clients include many major Fortune 50 companies. We do have one business connection with the government–we’ve licensed an economic model of world oil prices, and the Department of Energy, has licensed it. So has the Kuwait National Oil Company, the Japan National Oil Company, and private firms in the oil business. Since that business is about oil price forecasts which are worth a lot of money in international trade, one can understand why we’d like secure crypto. I don’t mind the government reading the forecasts though, if there should be a breakdown in the Clipper escrow system. They already are clients, and perhaps they have even better access to information than we do.

Interesting that the writer felt the need to hide behind an anonymous remailer. Perhaps that’s because his logic was so stupid he didn’t want to put his name to it. 🙂


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