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Werner Krebs  wrote:
>I found this description vague, and have been waiting with bated breath
>ever since for a more detailed job description. Sure, it's probably
>a complicated one, but I'm sure you can sort out the juicy bits for
>us all. After all, you are a famous net.persona by now, and net readers
>want to know!
>So, Dave, just _where_ in "Government" did you work? Specifically, who
>must approve your resume? ;-)
I was Deputy Director of the Office of Policy Development in the Office of
the Secretary of Commerce.  My work involved science and technology policy,
business policy (Employee Stock Ownership Plans were one contribution we
made), energy policy, and we did the settlement of the Soviet Union's World
War II lend-lease debts and the U.S./Soviet Trade treaty on my watch. The
Seretary gave me oversight of the National Bureau of Standards as well as
the Department's economic apparatus. This was before it became NIST, and
crypto was not on the NBS agenda in those days.
I don't like to talk about my background on the net, since some jerk or
other will use it as a way to claim I'm throwing credentials around, but
since you asked, and it's material to this thread, there's your answer.

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