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:I've been lurking around the 'net for quite some time now, and I can
:"hold my tongue" no longer. The "proClipper squad" needs to have
:some light shed upon them. You'll please excuse me for posting anonymously,
:but when dealing with these characters, you have to be very careful.
:Instead of asking Mr. Stern(dark) about his past governmental connections,
:it is more appropriate to ask him about his "nongovernmental" connections...
:if one can call the Council on Foreign Relations "nongovernmental".
:Perhaps he would like to shed some light on THIS subject?
:As for D. Denning and the Georgetown crowd, they too should be asked 
:about their shadowy connections to this "benign" organization.
:Carrol Quigley (of Georgetown) wrote a lengthy volume entitled 
:"Tragedy and Hope" detailing the activities of said organization.
:I'll refer you back to William J. Clinton's inaugural address, where he
:praised Prof. Quigley for the inspiration given to him while a student
:at Georgetown. It's all connected. Elitism beats strongly in the hearts
:of some...usually those trying to give more control to government.
:This is not a technical issue, it is a political issue. It is about
:power and control, and who has it.
:Stern(dark) sees himself as a Captain? Major? Colonel? in the "New World
:Order". There is no use in arguing with him. He can have no other position
:regardless of the logic you throw at him. Spend your time educating the
:uninformed, this is where the battle must be won. The media will not
:present an unbiased rendition of the facts...therefore it is up to us,
:the real American patriots, to "wake the town and tell the people".
Well, Mr. Sternlight, since you seem to have ignored my post, I'll answer
FOREIGN RELATIONS. (pg. 176 of the Annual Report of the CFR)
His good friend Ron Brown, Secretary of Commerce, is also a member. 
Perhaps this is how they met?
You have been exposed, David Sternlight. What have you to say for yourself?
Will you defend the CFR?
Let it be known that the following Executive Branch officials are also 
members of this clandestine organization:
William J. Clinton, President
Lloyd Cutler, Counsel to the President
George Stephanopoulos, Senior Advisor
David Gergen, Assistant to the President for Communications
W. Anthony Lake, Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs
Samuel R. Berger, Deputy Assistant to the President for National Security
Adm. William Crowe, Jr., Chairman, Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board
John H. Gibbons, Director, Office of Science and Technology Policy
Gen. Gordon R. Sullivan, Chief of Staff, Army     
Gen. Merrill A. McPeak, Chief of Staff, Air Force  > Joint Chiefs of Staff
Gen. Carl E. Mundy, Commandant, Marine Corps      /
R. James Woolsey, Director of Central Intelligence
Adm. William O. Studeman, Deputy Director of Central Intelligence
Joseph S. Nye, Jr., Chairman, National Intelligence Council
If you would like to verify any of this information, write to:
Council on Foreign Relations
58 East 68th Street
New York, NY 10021
Ask for a copy of their 1993 Annual Report.
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nitroglycerin m-16
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