Clipper Petition

Electronic Petition to Oppose Clipper
Please Distribute Widely

On January 24, many of the nation’s leading experts in cryptography and computer security wrote President Clinton and asked him to withdraw the Clipper proposal.

The public response to the letter has been extremely favorable, including coverage in the New York Times and numerous computer and security trade magazines.

Many people have expressed interest in adding their names to the letter. In response to these requests, CPSR is organizing an Internet petition drive to oppose the Clipper proposal. We will deliver the signed petition to the White House, complete with the names of all the people who oppose Clipper.

To sign on to the letter, send a message to:

[email protected]

with the message "I oppose Clipper" (no quotes)

You will receive a return message confirming your vote.

Please distribute this announcement so that others may also express their opposition to the Clipper proposal.

CPSR is a membership-based public interest organization. For membership information, please email [email protected]. For more information about Clipper, please consult the CPSR Internet Library – FTP/WAIS/Gopher CPSR.ORG /cpsr/privacy/crypto/clipper

[email protected]

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