Books with DES Source Code

As a few people have requested, here’s my current bibliography of DES source code listings found in various widely published books or magazines. Note that I have explicitly excluded the dozens of books and publications that merely *describe* the DES algorithm — even descriptions complete enough to use as a basis for implementation. They don’t count because, as we all know, only Americans are smart enough to turn an algorithm description into C code (or so our government believes.)

Additions or corrections to this list are welcome. Again, I’m only interested in actual code listings. –Phil

The Standard Data Encryption Algorithm, Harry Katzan Jr, Petrocelli Books, 1977 ISBN 0-89433-016-0 (APL).

Computer Networks, Andrew S. Tanenbaum, Prentice Hall (both editions; second edition is ISBN 0-13-162959-X). (Pascal)

Numerical Recipes, William H. Press et al, Cambridge University Press. (Fortran and Pascal version is ISBN 0-521-30811-9. Also in Numerical Recipes in C).

UNIX System Security, Wood and Kachan, Hayden. ISBN 0-8104-6267-2.

Byte Magazine, April 1977 (6502 Assembler).

Cryptography: An Introduction to Computer Security, Seberry and Pieprzyk, Prentice Hall Australia. (C)

Mathematical Cryptology for Computer Scientists and Mathematicians, Wayne Patterson, Rowman and Littlefield, 1987. ISBN 0-8476-7438-X.

Introduction to the Analysis of the Data Encryption Standard (DES), Wayne G. Barker, ISBN 0-89412-169-3 (soft cover), 0-89412-170-7 (library bound), 1991, Aegean Park Press, Appendix G. (Basic, of all things).

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