Fuzzy Email Server

Ok folks, TIL’s fuzzy logic email-server is now officially open for business. We currently have 45 files available for downloading, including:

To get started with the fuzzy logic email server, send a message with _no subject_ to [email protected], containing just the word "help" in the message body. The server will reply with a set of instructions. Please address any comments, questions or requests to either [email protected] or [email protected].

Note: Most of this stuff is mirrored at Tim Butler’s fuzzy logic ftp repository at ntia.its.bldrdoc.gov.

Erik Horstkotte, Togai InfraLogic, Inc.
The World’s Source for Fuzzy Logic Solutions (The company, not me!)
[email protected], gordius!til!erik – (714) 975-8522
[email protected] for info, [email protected] for fuzzy mail-server

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