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Terry Fitzgerald Estate Wins
Coveted Gevalia Kona Coffee Cupping Competition

Caffeine Reference Links

Newsgroup: alt.drugs.caffeine FAQ
Newsgroup: alt.drugs.caffeine
Coffee Reference Desk
Coffee Talk Magazine
Caffeine Molecule – GIF of Caffeine Molecule.
The Tea and Coffee Plant
Today’s Coffee Talk

Coffee Venders

Boorman & Bass: Gourmet Coffee Traders
Boyer’s Coffee
Caribou Coffee
Coffee, Expresso @ The Shopping Place
Coffees of Hawaii – 100% Molokai Coffee
Duchess of New Orleans
Kalani Organica Coffee
Montana Coffee Traders
Praiswater Coffee Roasters
Quartermaine Coffee Roasters
Roasted Java Company

Caffeinated Drink Links

Java Water
Jolt Cola
Water Joe Homepage

Other Stimulating Links

A World of Tea
Austin Java Joints
Best Investments Coffee Newsletter (for coffee futures traders)
Candy Kick – Caffeinated Candy
Caffeinated Magazine
Coffee Art
Coffee a gogo
Coffee on the Web
Coffee Retailer Discussion List
Coffee, The Wonder of the World
Christine’s Coffee Links
Epicure Exchange
"Good to the last Byte" Caffeinated Home Page
Jumpin’ Java Beans Coffee of the Month Club
Over The Coffee
Sydney University Cappucino Machine
Automatically updated picture of a cappuccino machine in Australia.
Too Much Coffee Man
The official Too Much Coffeee Man site.
Trojan Room Coffee Machines
Automatically updated picture of a coffee pot in the UK.
Vivarin Home Page
Wired Java Fanatic
World of Coffee, The

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