Austin Gopher Servers

Austin Public Net
CACTUS (Capital Area Central Texas Unix Society)
Eden Matrix
Freeside Communications
Illuminati Online/Steve Jackson Games
Matrix Information and Directory Services, Inc. (MIDS)
MoonTower, Inc.
RoboGopher (the Robot Group, Austin, Texas)
State of Texas
Department of Commerce
Department of Information Resources
Texas Internet Consulting (TIC)
Texas One
Turning Point Information Service (TPIS)
University of Texas
ACTLab (RTF Dept)
Applied Research Laboratories
Computation Center
Computer Sciences
Economics Department
Fusion Studies
Graduate School of Library and Information Science
Kiwi Club
Latin American Network Information Center
Physics Department
University of Texas System Center for High Performance Computing
Zilker Internet Park

Other Austin Information Servers

Austin Information Servers
FTP Servers
Mailing Lists
WWW Servers

Texas Information Servers

All the gophers in Texas

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