A word from the author

Thank you for downloading (or whatever) this demo of my latest book, Macintosh System 7.5 for Dummies. My name is Bob LeVitus and I’m its proud papa. The purpose of this demo is twofold: First and foremost, I want to introduce you to my writing. If you’ve never read one of my books – Dr. Macintosh, Dr. Macintosh’s Guide to the Online Universe, Guide to the Macintosh Underground, Stupid Mac Tricks, etc. – or the Help Folder column in MacUser magazine, this demo is a relatively painless introduction to me and my writing style.

Please don’t hesitate to let me know how you like it…


Bob LeVitus
CompuServe: 76004,2076
America Online: LeVitus
eWorld: BobLeVitus

PS: Oops. I almost forgot. The second purpose was to see if I – a creatively-impaired non-programmer – could learn to create cool stuff in SuperCard®. As before (and as always), let me know how you think I did.

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