Introduction to Bob LeVitus
"Guide to the Macintosh Underground"

Dear Readers,

If you know that IBM sucks but you aren’t sure why, read this book.

If you still harbor the delusion that Steve Jobs was a nice guy who got screwed by Sculley, read this book.

And if you aren’t sure what virtual sex is, you should most definitely read this book.

This is it – the slightly twisted collection of essays about the Macintosh experience that you’ve been waiting for – a book by two Macintosh outlaw fanatics written for other Macintosh outlaw fanatics. This is the Mac book we wanted to read, but there wasn’t one, so we wrote it ourselves.

As Macintosh celebrates its tenth anniversary, this book is our tribute, our way of paying homage to the people, events, and products that made the first ten years insanely great. Take it with as many grains of salt as you like.

– Bob LeVitus & Michael Fraase

Some of what’s inside:
Why 1984 wasn’t like 1984
When it comes to paradigms @ shifts happen
Dumpster Diving and why it’s important
Bill Gates: Winner or Wiener
Everything you ever wanted to know about the greatest show on Earth (Macworld Expo)

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