Commander Cody and the Lost Planet Airmen

Commander Cody and the Lost Planet Airmen were formed in Ann Arbor, Michigan in the late sixties. During the seventies, they were frequent visitors to Austin, TX. Their repertoire was a good-time mix of almost any music to party by: country swing, rockabilly, tex-mex, gospel, and the occasional country tear-jerker. Their rendition of the 1962 classic "Hot Rod Lincoln" soared to number 9 in 1972. All members were accomplished multi-instrumentalists, and their live recordings are extremely good. "Live from Deep in the Heart of Texas" (MCA 659) is the recommended summary of the Airmen at their best. Around 1978 the original team broke up, but Cody went on with different Airmen.

Both singer Billy C. Farlow and guitarist Bill Kirchen returned to the scene in 1994 with fine solo albums.

Album List

Deep in the Heart of Texas        		1991 MCA 659
Too Much Fun: Best of Commander 	1990 MCA 10092
Live from Deep in the Heart of Texas 	1990 MCA 659
Aces High                       		1990 Relix 2041
Sleazy Roadside Stories         		1988 Relix 2028
Returns from Outer Space        		1987 Edsel 202
Let's Rock                      		1986 Blind Pig 2086
Lose It Tonight                 		1980 Line 624453
Flying Dreams                   		1978 Arista 4183
Rock 'n Roll Again              		1977 Arista 4135
We've Got a Live One Here       		1976 Warner 2939
Tales from the Ozone            		1975 Warner 2883
Lost in Space                   		1975 Relix
Comm Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen 	1975 Warner 2847
Live Deep in the Heart of Texas 		1974 Paramount 1017
Country Casanova                		1973 MCA 661
Hot Licks, Cold Steel           		1972 MCA 28031
Lost in the Ozone               		1971 MCA 31185

Personnel Quite a few people were in this band at some time in its history. The best line-up may have been:

Commander Cody (George Frayne)	Keyboard
"Buffalo" Bruce Barlow	                      	Bass
Bobby Black			Pedal Steel Guitar
Lance Dickerson			Drums
Billy C. Farlow			Lead Vocals
Bill Kirchen			                 Lead Guitar
Andy Stein			                 Fiddle/Sax
John Tichy			                 Guitar
Norton Buffalo			Harmonica

Apart from John, they all sang.

Written and compiled by Bert van Rijn ([email protected]).