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Live Music Capital of the World

Austin has a strong musical tradition. On any weekend night (and most weekday nights) you can find live music of every conceivable type. The center of the music scene is on Sixth Street, but there are numerous clubs that are well known for their live music, such as Antone’s, the Cactus Cafe, Emo’s, Mohawk and Stubb’s.

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Austin Artists

Musicians who started in Austin or call Austin home include:

Local Signed/Unsigned Musicians & Groups:

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Austin has its own flavor of blues. Antone’s Home of the Blues is THE blues club in Austin, and probably in Texas. Artists such as the following play or have played there on a fairly regular basis:

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Country music is naturally popular here in Texas, and one can usually find a live band playing at the Broken Spoke or one of the many other “kicker bars” on the weekend. Among the many country stars that are either from Austin or now call Austin home are:

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Clubs & Venues

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Gone But Not Forgotten

Do you have photos, information, or memories about Austin’s lost clubs, please submit to the Music Pixie

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