Stevie Ray Vaughan Memorial Scholarship Fund

Dear Online Friends:

I’ve recently heard "bits and pieces" about a scholarship project being coordinated by Mrs. Martha Vaughan (Stevie and Jimmie’s mother) and the Communities Foundation of Texas, in Stevie Ray’s memory. I’m so excited with what I’ve learned after researching this project today, I’m writing to tell y’all about it.

Three years ago, a fund was created in Stevie’s memory to assist music students pursue their educational dreams. This award is given to students in the 8th grade at the end of the school year. Scholarships are given to students who are recommended by their teachers who have demonstrated a strong interest and ability in music and have a desire to attend a college or university. Candidates for scholarships must have good grades, a good school attendance record and be financially needy.

The scholarship is awarded when the student graduates from high school and enrolls in a two or four year college or university. Being a dropout prevention incentive, this scholarship is used to encourage students to stay in high school and have a concern for their studies. In the meantime, the award is invested and when distribution time is near, it is anticipated that the scholarship will have benefited from investment growth. The award will be forwarded directly to the school the student has selected.

Greiner Middle School, located in South Dallas, is the school where Stevie spent his childhood, and is the target of this program. Mrs. Vaughan is very active in this project, has provided much of the support on her own, and actually goes to the school and participates in the selection and interview process. During the first year of the program, five scholarships were given. They are hoping to give ten scholarships this year. This coming March is when the recipients will be selected.

When I spoke with the representative of the Communities Foundation that works with Mrs. Vaughan on this project, I told her about all the incredible Stevie fans I’ve been blessed to meet here online, not only through America Online, but through the TexasFlood and Blues-L mailing lists, newsgroups, and other areas. I told her about how much love for Stevie I’ve seen reflected in posts and the email I’ve received after I hosted the "Remembering Stevie Ray," memorial with Tommy Shannon, Chris Layton, Reese Wynans, and Margaret Moser of the Austin Chronicle on August 27, 1995.

If you’re a fan of Stevie, or a guitarist that has been influenced by his music, or if Stevie’s message in overcoming his alcohol and drug addictions has helped you, if Stevie touched you in ANY way…..this is your opportunity to let the Communities Foundation of Texas, and Mrs. Vaughan, know you support their efforts by assisting them in awarding ten (or more!) scholarships to the children this, and every March.

What better way to keep Stevie’s spirit alive, and to say "Thank you for all the music and love you passed our way," than by helping these children achieve their dreams in this way?

Please send contributions to the address listed below, payable to the Communities Foundation of Texas, and BE SURE TO SPECIFY the donation is for the SRV SCHOLARSHIP FUND on your check.

If I can provide further information, please email me at [email protected], or call the Communities Foundation of Texas at (214) 826-5231.

Warmest Regards,
Beverly Howell
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