Austin Chapter of Single Mothers by Choice

Austin Single Mothers by Choice exists to offer support and fellowship to single women who have chosen or who are considering single motherhood.

Who is a Single Mother by Choice (SMC)?

A SMC is any unmarried woman who has chosen to have a child knowing that, for the forseeable future, she would be the sole parent for the child. Single Mothers by Choice welcomes all SMC’s regardless of whether they became mothers by adoption or conception, or whether a pregnancy was planned or unplanned. Also welcome are ‘Tryers’: Women who have chosen single motherhood but who have not yet adopted or conceived, and ‘Thinkers’: Women who are considering single motherhood but who would like to know more about what the experience is actually like.

Mothers who become single due to divorce, separation, or widowhood are not considered SMC’s.

It is important to note that SMC’s choose to become mothers. They do not necessarily choose to be single.

Meeting Times:

Second Tuesday of each month, from 5:30 p.m. until 7:30 p.m.
Meetings are held in members’ homes.

Nature of Meetings:

Meetings serve as a relatively informal forum for current SMC’s to share issues that they are facing at the time and to get support and possibly advice from one another. They also provide an opportunity to socialize with others in similar situations.

For more information about Single Mothers by Choice

Visit the Web site for the SMC national organization.

To contact the Austin Chapter of SMC, call Lisa at 469-1326 and leave a message.

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