MAY 1997

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Feature Articles:
Pearls of Wisdom
Self Service
Shop Keeping on the Edge
Keeping up with the Jones’
Take it to the Market
Nuts and Bolts
The Global Angle
Techville Now – events and notices:
(Coming Soon) Events
Show and Tell – featured Austin Companies
From the Mouths – comments from the Editors
TEKnopolis forum – Your Opportunity to Interact

Pearls of Wisdom

A monthly guest appearance by one of Austin’s premier technology leaders:

Our visit with the venerable Carol Thompson

Self Service

A guest expert addresses technology business questions:

Dr Fred Williams talks about multimedia and economic

development in Austin

Shop Keeping on the Edge

Amazing tales of innovation:

R Miller Hicks on entrepreneurship and life

Keeping up with the Jones’

Issues regarding technology innovation management:

Ergosoft’s Carol Adams teaches us about software usability testing

Take it to the Market

Expert advice on technology commercialization:

Political strategy: using politics to your advantage

List Your Business online in the Texas state directory

Find out how through Texas Department of Commerce

Nuts & Bolts

Practical techniques for increasing business success:

This month: Understand how fraud can damage your company

The Global Angle

Issues regarding globalization of your business:

JETRO: Help for exporting software to Japan

Techville Now

Events (Under Construction)


Show and Tell: An insider’s view of Austin’s up and coming businesses

This month’s featured Austin Company–Novation

Roads to Further Enlightenment

Hotlinks to our valuable networks in the Austin technology community

From the Mouths

A word from the editors

This month: A heterodox view

TEKnopolis Forum

Post your comments or suggestions to TEKnopolis Forum

This is our first issue of TEKnopolis Monthly, an electronic magazine for the Austin Technology Community. The information provided is by, and for the community. TEKnopolis will begin regular monthly publication shortly. Currently we are in the process of developing this website, and we hope to bring you more advanced web features in the near future. In each issue, we will spotlight a different Austin technology company. We are seeking out the leaders of the community to provide quality content that can help your business to succeed. In addition, we are trying to identify resources that Austin companies can use to improve their business. Ultimately, we hope to develop a collaboratory space here so that Austin companies can address their business questions in a time efficient way; and build consensus in issues that affect the whole community.

A technopolis is generally composed of private industry, educational institutions, and government. TEKnopolis Monthly seeks to improve the communication links between these different institutions so that the prosperity of the whole community might be improved. You will see in this issue that we have drawn from people in industry, education, and government.

If you would like to submit an article to TEKnopolis for publication; or if you would like to advertise in TEKnopolis, please contact Michael Mastrangelo at [email protected].

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