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Austin Homebrew Supply

306 East 53rd Street
Austin, Texas 78751
Tel: (512) 467-8427


Mike Avery (2/6/95)
Good folks, good products, good advice. Hard to go wrong with them.

Bonehead Brewing Company

10417 Broken Shoe Trail
Austin, Texas 78750
Tel: (512) 335-7028


St. Patrick’s of Texas Brewers Supply

12922 Station
Austin, Texas 78727
Tel: (512) 832-9045


Mike Avery (2/6/95)
Lynn and her husband run a quality store out of their garage. They mostly do mail order, but they are glad to see customers. They are about the most gracious people I have ever met. I have heard many stories about a desparate brewer calling them late Sunday night to buy some bottle caps because they ran out, or picking up a hydrometer. Very good people. Lynn has better taste than many of the people at Austin Home Brew, and at least as good as any at the other place. I should do more business with them…
Dewey Coffman (2/8/95)
I’ve heard, and seen some evidence to the fact that St. Pat’s is opening a second store or perhaps moving the orignal down to a annex of the Waterloo Brewing Company..Now that will be hard to beat, I understand they’ll have late brewers hours, at least till 9pm.. Can someone who knows the straight scoop, post the same.

Wheatsville Food Coop

3101 Guadalupe Street
Austin, Texas 78705
Tel: (512) 478-2667


Mike Avery 2/6/95)
They carry merchandise from St. Patricks and Austin Home Brew. A little older, a little more stale, and a little more expensive. But, on the other hand, you don’t get the good advice that either of the previous two stores offer. All in all, why bother?

Whole Foods

6th St; also intersection of 183 and Loop 360


Mike Avery (2/6/95)
See comments about Wheatsville.


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