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This page of Latin restaurants and opinions was compiled from a thread several years ago in austin.general. It seems odd that, given the vast array of Mexican, Chinese, Italian, and Pizza eateries in this town, that there only seem to be two Latin restaurants in all of Austin. Your comments, opinions, and (hopefully) new restaurant recommendations are welcomed.

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Borinquen Restaurant
Miscellaneous Comments

Borinquen Restaurant

2728 S. Congress
Austin, Texas 78704
Tel: (512) 443-4252


David Maynard (10/19/93)
Borinquen is a great little Puerto Rican restaurant just South of Oltorf. They have empanadas, pernil asado, tostones, arroz con gandules, etc. (Tostones are fried green plantains served with a garlic sauce.) It is a family-run restaurant where mom & dad cook and the kids wait the tables. The atmosphere is similar to what you might find in a small town on the island–ie., low key.
They are open Tuesday-Saturday for dinner and are sometimes open for lunch (call first). Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights they feature live Salsa bands and plenty of dancing (starting around 10:00p).

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3223 East Seventh Street
Austin, Texas 78702
Tel: (512) 385-8898


Patricia M. Burson
I haven’t tried it yet, but a place called "Chubby’s" has been advertising Salvadorian food in the Chronicle.
Windflower Gilbert (10/19/93)
I ate there once. It was delicious. It was long enough ago that I don’t remember the details of what I had, though. Call ahead, they don’t serve Salvadoran food all the time. I think it’s after 2pm.
Donald Heskett (12/16/94)
Unless things have changed, Chubby’s offers its Salvadoran menu only on Saturdays. I found it delicious.

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Miscellaneous Comments:

[more information would be appreciated. -ed]

Anne Wiebe (10/19/93)
I’m embarrassed to say I don’t remember the country of origin, but there’s a Central American vendor at the edge of UT, on 26th and Speedway, who serves wonderful little baked vegetable-meat pies with prettily crimped edges. I wish I could remember what they’re called! I don’t go that way often anymore… but I thought they were pretty good for street-vendor food. Cheap, too.
Charles Herrick (10/19/93)
Ok, this is going to sound extremely vague, but yes, in East Austin, there’s a place that sells Latin Am. food on Fri and Sat nights only. The rest of the time, they sell burgers, etc.
I see their ad in the Austin Cronicle all the time… it’s a small 1/16 page ad. I believe it’s Costa Rican food. And, it’s on one of the major E-W thoroughfares in East Austin (either E 12 or E 7, I think).
Boy, have I ever been less positive-definite? 🙂
Jacob Kornerup (11/14/94)
This cart has not been operating for at least a year now… Too bad, the food was good.

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