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Quadralay Corporation, the owner of, is interested in selling its non-corporate web "real estate." Having begun amassing links and information relating to Austin, cryptography, C++ and fuzzy logic in 1994 – the dawn of time for the Internet as we know it – Austin City Links pages show up early and often in search engines and in users’ bookmarks. We receive great comments and support from Austinites (among our awards is the 1997 Austin Chronicle’s Best of Austin Award for "Best Local Web Site"), but the site also gets quite a bit of national and international traffic. When surfers want to know about Austin, they often stop here first. Also, our crypto, C++ and fuzzy logic pages receive many, many different visitors from places as diverse as Korea, Australia, Germany and India.

To optimize the potential of a purchase of this "real estate" we have divided it into 6 separate parts ("Areas") and will soon post up-to-date traffic stats for each. Because all of these Areas are interconnected we cannot sell the domain name outright, but will sell the content of a given Area and agree to re-direct traffic from the purchased Area’s address to the buyer’s address of choice for 2 years. "Content" here may include, but does not automatically include sites created for independent persons or organizations; these situations need to be discussed case-by-case.

Note: subsections within each area refer to links on Please refer to that page to see exactly what is contained.

Area 1 – Austin City Links Main and Community
Main page, Online Services, General Information, Education, Organizations, Food & Drink, Arts, Recreation, Real Estate, Community Calendar, Movies, Media, Travel & Lodging, Our Favorite Things, Armadillos

Area 2 – Business
Business, Employment

Area 3 – Music

Area 4 – C++
C++ Archive

Area 5 – Cryptography
Cryptography Archive

Area 6 – Fuzzy
Fuzzy Logic

Prices are not yet available, pending curent traffic statistics, but offers are being considered. Please contact Bruce Popky ([email protected]) with questions and comments.