Books by Bob "Dr. Macintosh" LeVitus

Macintosh System 7.5 for Dummies
Guide to the Macintosh Underground (Hayden)
Customizing Your Mac (Brady)
Dr. Macintosh’s Guide to the On-Line Universe (Addison-Wesley)
Dr. Macintosh, Second Edition: How to Become a Macintosh Power User (Addison-Wesley)
Stupid Mac Tricks (Addison-Wesley)
Son of Stupid Mac Tricks (Addison-Wesley)
Stupid PC Tricks (Addison-Wesley)
Stupid Windows Tricks (Addison-Wesley))
Stupid Beyond Belief PC Tricks (Addison-Wesley)
Marvelous Macintosh Games (Prima)
Phenomenal PC Games (Prima)
Dr. Macintosh, 1st Edition (Addison-Wesley – out of print)

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