The Fabulous Thunderbirds

The Fabulous Thunderbirds have a new song,
"Too Much Of Everything."
It appears on the Soundtrack to Trial and Error.
It will also appear on their next album, due out in July
. Source: The Austin Chronicle

The Fabulous Thunderbirds are one of the finest examples of Texas roadhouse electric blues. The original lineup featured the taut lead-guitar work of Jimmie Vaughan (Stevie Ray’s brother) and Kim Wilson, the band’s frontman, a master of rude harmonica playing. Jimmie grew up in Dallas, and moved to Austin in 1970. That’s where he ran into vocalist/harp man Kim Wilson who made his way to the Texas capital from Detroit by way of California. After years of fine album releases and endless gigging (by 1981 the band was asked to open for the Rolling Stones on their Texas dates), the Fabulous Thunderbirds hit it big in 1986 with the #10 title cut off of the Dave Edmunds-produced TUFF ENUFF. Since then they’ve continued to enjoy a string of hits, including a remake of Sam & Dave’s "Wrap It Up" (#50), "Stand Back" (#76), and "Powerful Stuff"(#65), featured in the Tom Cruise film COCKTAIL. In 1990 Vaughan left the group and was replaced by Kid Bangham and Duke Robillard.

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Antone’s Home of the Blues, where The Thunderbirds were once the House Band

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