Water Management Planning & Xeriscape Principles: How They Fit Together

What do Llano, San Saba, Johnson City, Bastrop, and Wharton have in common with Austin? Yes, they are all Central Texas towns. More importantly, they are all active participants in trying to help the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) implement its new watershed management planning process.

Please join Nancy Charbeneau and Mary Gilroy at our February 19 meeting at the Zilker Garden Center. They will introduce us to an entirely new concept in watershed management planning that is now sweeping across the U.S. This radical shift in planning is community-oriented. It relies on individual and group input rather than the river authority dictating what’s best for a community’s water quality program. The LCRA wants to know what water issues are important to us within our community. What would we like to see happen? What are our concerns? And do we have any ideas for solutions? They are interested, and they will be taking notes.

Organizations like the Xeriscape Garden Club will be instrumental in driving and implementing changes that are necessary to protect our water resources, both now and in the future. Nancy and Mary will talk about the challenges our neighbors up and down the Colorado are currently facing and what they are doing to meet those challenges. These problems range from brush management and water infiltration upstream, to storm water management and pollution from runoff downstream. Nancy will give a short presentation on the new planning process and then talk about how it is going to affect us in our everyday lives.