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Yes, it’s true. Award-winning Austin City Links (including C++, Crypto and Fuzzy Logic), online since 1994,
is for sale. Since ACL contains a huge diversity of information, including several
non-Austin-related areas of interest, a few different parts of the site are
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Our software at Quadralay Corporation is written in C++, so we have dedicated these pages to C++ and related topics.

C++ Programming Information

Borland C++ Includes press releases, technical support and patches for recent versions
C++ Coding Standards Extensive Table of Contents of C++ subjects.
C/C++ Developer Resources Provided by the makers of Genitor Object Construction Suite for Programming Workgroups.
C++ FAQ Official Frequently Asked Questions list for comp.lang.c++
C++ Libraries Listing Official listing of C++ Library Archives
C++ Source Jeremy Petter’s The Source00
Geodisc Systems Stop memory bugs in your programs
Introduction to MFC Programming with Visual C++ Guide to understanding how to make MFC programs work under Visual C++
Matrix C++ Matrix Class Library
MFC (Microsoft Foundation Classes) FAQ Frequently Asked Questions list for comp.os.ms-windows.programmer.mfc (also posted to other ms-windows groups)
More Computer Programming Resources Ya-Ping Wong’s List of Programming Links
Object-Oriented Programming Online books (in postscript) with abstracts
Programmer’s Heaven Online Resource for Programmers
rules.US.ps.Z The US C++ Rules and Recommendations
This is #C++ (updated!) C++ Resource Site
Vendor List List of companies that sell tools for C++ programmers

C++ Career Resources

Andy Harmon Recruiter
Century Computer Consultants Career Opportunities
CTG 3-4 C++ programmers needed to develop, code, and test C++ code that implements a GUI in a CGI/HTTP enivironment. Contact Cristina Mitchell at [email protected]
Huntington Group Career Network

Learn C++

C++ in 21 Days Ziff Davis Publishing’s ZD Net University
Intro to C++ Programming 4 Credit Online Course
C++ Tutorial Learn C++
CS 330: Concepts of Programming Languages Overview of a programming class at BYU
Introduction to C Programming Set of tutorials to help you learn about the C programming language
Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming Using C++ The first fully virtual course in the Globewide Network Academy
Learn C++ Today Lists online tutorials

Related Information

Online Magazine Visual C++ Developers’ Journal (VCDJ
C/C++ User’s Journal Advanced Solutions for C/C+
C Programming Notes Concerning either ANSI C or Common C
Coder’s World
comp.lang.c FAQs Official Frequently Asked Questions for the comp.lang.c news group
International Obfuscated C Code Contest Intentionally bad code as an art form
John’s Computer Programming Bookstore


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